After 19 hours of searching, the Police and the Prosecutor's Office conclude that there are no more remains in Choque's house

After 19 hours of searching, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office conclude that there are no more remains in Choque’s house

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After 19 hours of work inside the house of the serial rapist and femicide, Richard Choque, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office ruled out the presence of more bodies in the house where the remains of Iris and Lucy were found.

The place, which was inspected by agents and trained dogs, will be sealed and closed with a false wall of corrugated iron.

The head of the Trafficking and Trafficking Unit of the Bolivian Police, Boris Gutiérrez, reported Monday night that the entire land of the house located in the Ballivián area of ​​El Alto was reviewed.

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“The entire surface has been retro-excavated, the house where Mr. Richard lived as well. The presence of any remains, in relation to a missing victim, has been ruled out.”

Minutes later, two prosecutors referred to the tasks that began early Monday morning and confirmed the police report.

“Absolutely nothing has been found,” said one of the prosecutors who participated in this inspection in an interview on the Unitel network.

The police authority reported that the work began at 3:00 this Monday, at that time the reconstruction of the case and the excavation of 850 square meters of surface that are part of an extensive patio were carried out.

“We have carried out the sweep by quadrants, with dogs, with Iitcup personnel, crime scene,” he explained.

Gutiérrez explained that, for each excavation range, the dogs verified the presence of human remains, while the staff of the Institute of Scientific Technical Research of the Police University (Iitcup) carried out forensic planimetry tests, search for biological traces and luminol tests, among other.

At around 8:30 p.m., the Police concluded the “sweep” and the heavy machinery proceeded to carry out work to stabilize the land to prevent leaks.

“The embankment and slats are going to be planted, a false wall is going to be created with corrugated iron and the place is going to be sealed,” the police chief announced.

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