AFP say they expedite delivery of funds from deceased affiliates

AFP say they expedite delivery of funds from deceased affiliates

SD. The Dominican Association of Pension Fund Administrators (Adafp) reported that the AFPs have streamlined the delivery of funds to relatives of deceased members after the simplification of processes and the elimination of the requirement to present a certification of payment of successor taxes.

Upon leaving a meeting with the Senate Social Security, Work and Pensions Commission, the president of the Adafp, Kirsis Jáquez, said that, thanks to the simplification of requirements, the AFPs that are part of the union have delivered more than RD $ 722 million as an inheritance to relatives of members who died between March and August 2021.

Jáquez reiterated his call to family members or legal heirs to approach the AFPs and initiate the application for the survivor’s pension or the delivery of the accumulated amount in the account for pensions as inheritance, as appropriate.

He expressed that the AFPs have delivered to the Senate lists of deceased affiliates broken down by province and with details of death dates.

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