Acodeco fines more than 1,400 economic agents for violations of consumer protection regulations and others

More than 950,000 balboas in fines are registered by the Authority for the Protection of Consumers and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) after applying 1,827 different fines in the first instance, to 1,422 economic agents throughout the country.

According to Acodeco, the fines amount to a total of B/. 954,962.53 and have been applied, during 146 working days.

They detailed that the infractions to the consumer protection norms established in Law 45 of 2007, occupy the first place with 1,151 for a total of B/. 398,540.63; followed by 103 penalties for breach of Law 24 of 2002 on credit history, for B/.299,000.00. Fines for failing to comply with price control total 453 (B/.192,625.00).

Among the sanctioned agents are supermarkets, pharmacies, finance companies, banks, cell phone companies, distributors, rice mills, among others. The names of all those sanctioned can be viewed on the Acodeco Table of Fines at by clicking on the “number of agents” window.

Acodeco said that it oversees the different consumer protection and antitrust regulations throughout the country, which are its legal responsibility. Likewise, the attention to all consumer complaints is a priority and daily task.

They urged the consumer to report any irregularity that occurs in the regulations supervised by Acodeco, through the Institutional Information and Complaint System (Sindi) that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through WhatsApp and Telegram at 6330-3333 , the accounts of the AcodecoPma social networks on Facebook, Twitter and the website of this institution.

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