Accesses program underway in San José with 90 beneficiaries

Accesses program underway in San José with 90 beneficiaries

A total of 90 people work in dependencies of the Intendancy of San José, within the framework of the Access program of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), as reported from that commune. The initiative consists of two stages and seeks to generate opportunities for participants from other programs of the Secretary of State to enter the formal labor market.

In the first phase, the beneficiaries will carry out tasks in the Intendancy for seven months, will have technical training and will receive an economic benefit of a National Minimum Salary (19,364 Uruguayan pesos per month), in addition to access to oral and ophthalmological health. The program reaches 90 people in the department, of which 70 are women. Likewise, 57 are young people between 18 and 29 years of age. The participants will perform functions in dependencies of the general directorates of Social Policies, Environmental Management and Health, Public Walks and Lighting and Works and Roads. The planning establishes that 50 people will work in the city of San José de Mayo, 20 in Ciudad del Plata, 10 in Libertad, 6 in Rodríguez and 4 in Ecilda Paullier.

In a second stage, it will seek to generate agreements for the insertion of the participants in the formal labor market, through “godmother” companies, which will hire people from the program and will access a benefit of up to 12 months of exemption from employer contributions.

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