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Havana Cuba. – The vote this Sunday, March 26, brought no surprises. Was low citizen participation in polling stationsdespite the fact that the regime made every maneuver within its reach and that it wanted to satisfy the people with that of bread and circuses.

The “election” day was the result of the political mistakes of an illegitimate government that did not build consensus.

It didn’t matter that Cutty Pork Patica was allowed to sell the meat at 750 pesos a pound in prohibited places until Friday; or that, in Galería Paseo, the Malecón without Water, and other stores in the capital, on the eve of the vote, distributed minced meat, chicken, soap, detergent and oil, for the enjoyment and commitment of the troubled Mamita Siento un Bombo, Ma Dolores and Papito Malanoche.

The saying goes “what they give you, take it”, and not, “after you take it, go vote”.

After taking and paying for everything they were given, they prepared to spend a sleepy and homely Sunday, so that the delegate of the constituency, the president of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, or the old man from the zonal nucleus of the Communist Party would not it occurred to them to call them to go vote.

It is not yet known how high the abstention amounted, but judging by the empty streets and the faces and comments of the people, it must be quite high, more than the regime will admit when manipulating the figures.

Cuba Data, an organization established outside of Cuba, had indicated that a survey carried out between February 18 and March 3 showed that 36.5% of those consulted did not plan to vote. However, he pointed out that 85% of those surveyed supported the regime (?).

On the Island, the Electoral Rights Observation team is led by Marthadela Tamayo. It is one of the civil society organizations examining the process. They use the demoscopia to investigate the participation of the population. However, they cannot provide exact data, not even at the local level, because even if they master the discipline, they do not have the budget or the necessary liberties to carry out such an investigation, in addition to the threats that most of them suffer directly from State Security. your watchers.

His counterpart in government is the Center for Sociopolitical and Opinion Studies (CESPO)an office dependent on the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and Rolando Polanco Fuentes, the head of its Ideological Department in particular, and of discreet behavior in terms of publishing the information they obtain from their investigations.

The popularly known as the People’s Opinion System (SOP) is led by Raimundo Espinosa, a run-down bureaucrat who kindly guards against the baleful gaze of the cultured Consuelo Baeza, president of the Nominations Commission and even more so of Alina Balseiro. , the president of the National Electoral Council who, as the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco would say, has “everything tied up and well tied up” for these elections, although reality says otherwise.

CESPO (it should be pronounced “el cepo”) is responsible for analyzing, among other issues, the role of the media in the formation of opinion matrices, in the application of information technology and statistics in the study system, but especially the monitoring of opinions on the platforms of the national press. And with that last point, we already know that nobody here knows anything, because only the regime can know.

Can the Comandante del Cepo rebel against the head of the Electoral Council and say what really happened at the polls? Nacho Capitán wonders, while sipping a “michiflido”, the latest trend in low-cost alcohol fashion, in the company of of his consorts of cause, on the corner of Zanja and Soledad.

Did the Communist Party analyze the behavior of the media and the rejection that the population made of the publicity campaign of the designated ruler and the other 469 candidates?

Knowing that there are obscene old men and despicable youngsters on the list, what would the small group of academic communist jerks have thought? Why did this misgovernment made up of zurumbatics, fops, crassmen, shitters and shitters risked so much with these elections? Did they really think they had it all tied up? Didn’t they understand that the game changed its dynamics after the July 11, 2021?

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