Abinader: «Lo que ellos le han llamado aumento de salario han sido acciones imprudentes»

Abinader: “What they have called a salary increase have been reckless actions”

An imprudence. This is how the president described Louis Abinader the recent salary increases made by some officials of various superintendencies, entities that, however, are regulated by their own laws.

The president specified that under current conditions it is not prudent to talk about raising salaries. “They were reckless actions. I want to clarify that the Central Government, where we have and order, there has been no increase. We handle every penny with the greatest transparency»said the head of state.

However, Abinader noted that the autonomy of those entities where salary increases have been registered must be respected.

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In this sense, the Dominican government, through the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) is working to bring the Economic and social Council (CES) prevent autonomous entities from increasing their salaries, as has happened in recent weeks with some superintendencies.

The president added that the officials who have raised their salaries are outside the control of the public administration, since they belong to organizations regulated by their own laws.

«In some of them I have not even been able to make changes because they have a specific time that is indicated by their law; which were laws that were enacted in previous periods»said the chief executive.

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