A rendering of accounts of "zero spending" is ruled out

A rendering of accounts of “zero spending” is ruled out

Negotiations within the government coalition with a view to Accountability make it foreseeable that the political will of a budget execution balance of zero spending will not be possible and the increase in items for education and security is handled.

During a meeting held on Monday at the Legislative Palace, the director of Public Finance, Fernando Blanco, gave a positive response to the concern of several deputies of the government coalition regarding budget improvements.

In a first meeting between the leaders of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the deputies, it was proposed from the red rows that other similar meetings be held, but with the presence of the senators of the coalition that are in the Finance Commission.

The political will is to advance in terms of agreements and that when the initiative reaches the Deputies, the agreement is known and handled by the representatives of the coalition.

According to Colorado sources, they raised to Diario La R, there were in the surrender of the 2020 exercise that were achieved in Deputies after long negotiations, but that -later- the articles reached the Senate, where there were other assessments.

“The idea of ​​all the representatives is to hold a new meeting, but with the legislators to start a dialogue about the contents that this rendering of accounts should have,

Basically, the meeting was to determine the work mechanism, on the basis transmitted by the Ministry of Economy to work on an open Rendering of Accounts.

Although it was stated that there will be more resources for Education and Security, figures were not specified. He remained in reiterating the ministry’s contacts with white, red, lobbyists and the Independent Party legislators.

The proposals handled went through agreeing on the need to reach internal agreements prior to drafting and sending the Rendering of Accounts to Parliament, for which the deadline is June 30.

According to sources from Cabildo Abierto, the sector led by Senator Guido Manini Ríos is preparing a proposal for budget improvements in security and education, in particular, salary improvement for teachers in a critical context.

Among the improvements that will be proposed to the economic team, they are in the development stages, the installation of a camera system for surveillance is handled.

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