Grupo SID celebró ayer su 85 aniversario; genera 5,200 empleos

Grupo SID celebrated its 85th anniversary yesterday; generates 5,200 jobs

The SID Group yesterday celebrated its 85th birthday, in which they highlighted that they generate more than 5,200 direct jobs and export of emblematic national products to 17 countries.

The executive president of Grupo SID, Ligia Bonettiexpressed that the company has diversified, and what began as a small peanut oil factory, located in the Ensanche La Fe, now has six companies that manage more than 400 brandsboth own and international.

Among them oil, margarine, mayonnaise, corn flour, inducea meat company that also has milk as Parmalat, Santalfuel stations Next; They are representatives of major international brands, and also the Eseleccion baseball team.

He said that these more than 5,200 jobs are distributed throughout the country, and that create thousands of additional indirect jobs, if the distribution processbut all with the best conditions and focused on the constant education of their collaborators.

He emphasized that they export to 17 countries and that their goal is to continue growing and expanding their market, to make national products known.

Bonetti, during a meeting with social personalities, media executives, journalists and communicators, added that to celebrate this anniversary he will deliver an antiquity pin to more than three thousand collaborators with more than 10 years in SIDbecause they have low turnover, since they seek to work and support their growth.

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local hikes

He stressed that so far this year they have had two price increases for your productsthe first in January and the other a month and a half ago.

“And international prices continue to rise, but we are trying to support them. And we do it by sacrificing ourselves to contribute to the country. We have tried to be more efficient and cut costs in order to bring the population better prices at this time,” he said.

He argued that these increases have been low, when compared to similar or equal products in other countries in the region.

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