A prisión falsa diplomática estafó varias personas

A false diplomatic prison scammed several people

Mirabal Sisters.- The Investigating Court of the Mirabal Sisters province issued an order to open a trial against a woman who defrauded different people to whom she promised consular procedures to obtain visas from the Dominican Republic to European countries.

Judge Yudelka de León made the decision against Hilda Mercedes Suriel Gil, who also used the name of Carmen Concepción Gil to defraud different people with the false promise of a visa.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the woman is being held in the Juana Núñez de Salcedo public prison, after the coercive measure consisting of preventive detention, issued by the court by resolution of August 6, 2021, was confirmed.

According to the indictment filed by the Public Ministry, to orchestrate her plan, the woman asked her victims for large sums of money, alleging that she was a lawyer and consular agent, and thus defrauded a group of people for more than five millions of pesos.

The body of the accusation indicates that in 2020 the woman was subjected to the action of justice, after a search was carried out at her residence located in La Ceiba, Villa Tapia, where the authorities found dozens of passports and travel paperwork documents of their victims.

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On that occasion, she was released, after the acting court imposed the payment of an economic guarantee and the periodic presentation before the investigating prosecutor as a measure of coercion.

Months later, new complaints filed against him for swindling people from different parts of the country reached the Public Ministry.

In this phase of the case, the investigating prosecutor José Orlando Liriano Aquino presented before the León judge different evidence that shows the complexity of the process, that validates the procedural steps carried out and that was admitted in court to issue an order to open a trial.

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