Second day of "The FA Listens to You": one of the meetings was with the directors of the Golf Club

Second day of “The FA Listens to You”: one of the meetings was with the directors of the Golf Club

Last day, the second day of “The FA Listens to You” was held in Montevideo with dozens of meetings throughout the city. One of them was with the management of the Golf Club. As commented from the Broad Front, the board of the institution informed the FA delegation that it was the first time in 100 years that a political party had requested an interview to discuss social issues. The delegation was integrated, among others, by Graciela Villar, Departmental President of Montevideo and Gustavo Leal. Other meetings were with the Commission of the Canario Luna amphitheater and the China Zorrilla nursery, where it was stated that “organized neighbors are the lung of each city, they are the ones who make things work and that solidarity is a well-known word.” On the other hand, there was also a delegation from the FA in the CH community center. In that place, Villar and the mayor Patricia Soria were received by the mayor of the CH Municipality, Matilde Antía and the municipal council. A similar meeting was held in Municipality A.

On the other hand, the Sagrados Corazones Parish received Mayor Sofía Espillar, Senator Daniel Olesker and Councilor Ana Fleitas, where representatives of the Coordinator O recounted their experience in the territory and issues that affect the neighborhood and its people.

The councilor Estela Pereira was also in a meeting with the directors of the Club Social y Deportivo Racing. «Sports institutions are fundamental pieces in the construction of community and identity. An enriching exchange with sport as the axis »he told the seat. The mayor Patricia Soria met with members of the Instituto Clemente Estable. “With great science there are no small countries. We collect the wisdom of Clemente Estable’s words in FA Listens to You. The institute is the cradle of great researchers and researchers. Investing in science is investing in our future, they are indivisible »he maintained.

Senator Alejandro Sánchez was in the Corrales shed, meeting with the social organizations of that area. Deputy Gabriel Otero visited the CAIF La Casilla in La Teja, where he was received by the Franciscan sisters who run it. It is an organization that has been providing support to the most vulnerable households and children for many years. Mayor Diego Revetria was with Senator Silvia Nane listening to directors of the Carlitos Prado club, which works with children with disabilities and in a critical social context, and women’s soccer.

Other meetings were with workers from the Devoto supermarket and those from the MAM, at the Escuela Horizonte, the “Luisa Cuesta” pot. The second day of “El Fa Te Escucha” ended at the Club Huracán de Paso de la Arena.

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