A Bolivian on top of the podium in the Argentine Table Tennis Grand Prix

A Bolivian on top of the podium in the Argentine Table Tennis Grand Prix

The 2022 Argentine Table Tennis Grand Prix took place a few days ago in the city of Salta, where Bolivian Fernando Carlos Fernández won the title in the under-17 category. The Santa Cruz surprised everyone by establishing himself as the best in that category at only 15 years of age.

Fernández defeated the local Martín Zapatero in the finalan extremely complicated rival, since the Argentine became the third best table tennis player in Latin America in his category.

The event, endorsed by the Argentine Table Tennis Federation It was attended by around 200 athletes, between ladies and men, in different categories.

The Santa Cruz, in addition to competing in the sub17, also participated in the sub-19 and all competitor, in both categories he reached the quarterfinals.

Let us remember that Fernandez He is the current Santa Cruz and national champion of the sub-15 category, both individually and in teams.

Two other Bolivians competed in Salta, in the all-competitor category, although they failed to advance to the final instances: Alejandro Miranda from Cochabamba and Fernando Velásquez from Tarija, who also fulfilled the role of coach.

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