64-year-old woman was hit by a bus on October 8 and Commerce, left with leg trauma

A 64-year-old woman was injured in the right leg after be hit by a bus at the intersection of October 8 and Trade, according to sources from the Ministry of the Interior.

After 8:00 this Friday, “several calls” entered the 911 emergency service of the Montevideo Police Headquarters. There it was reported that in the aforementioned streets the vehicle took the pedestrian and that she “it was under the vehicle”.

In response to the incident, police mobiles were sent to the scene and, once there, they confirmed the facts and requested medical emergency.

After being treated, the victim was diagnosed with “trauma to the lower right limb” and was referred to a health center.

The Scientific Police and personnel from the Directorate of Video Surveillance, Analytics and Urban Survey are working on the case to determine what happened.

On the other hand, around 9:00 the Twitter account “How I move”, which reports “everything about Uruguayan public transport”, reported a “very serious accident” on Avenida 8 de Octubre and Serrato and that traffic was circulating “Very slow both ways.”

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