4-0: River, again champion led by Julián Álvarez

4-0: River, again champion led by Julián Álvarez

For something to Julian Alvarez not only has FC Barcelona on the agenda, but also other European giants. In the last decade of Argentine soccer there is no other player more unbalanced than this Álvarez. Nor is it discovered at all River of Marcelo Gallardo, a version as dependent on an individuality as happens in today’s team with Julián. It became clear again in nothing less than a final …

If River thrashed Colón 4-0 and celebrated the conquest of the Champions Trophy in Santiago del Estero, it was because it is the best team in Argentine soccer, but especially because it has the best domestic player by a scandalous difference. The development was complicated for the millionaires because the sabaleros played without complexes. They dared. Everything was uncertain, until Julián Álvarez appeared with a devastating fury.

The 21-year-old youth broke the tie at a key moment, near the end of the first half. He did so by taking advantage of a beautiful center by Santiago Simón and playing with class on one side, against goalkeeper Leonardo Burián. Later, at the beginning of the final stage, it was due to a pass behind from José Paradela, he anticipated Paolo Goltz and the ball hit the goalkeeper, but he insisted and sent it inside. The third was conceived avoiding two rivals and taking a shot from outside the area that hit a stick, a rebound that Benjamin Rollheirser squeezed to score. In the end, he drew a classy assist for Jorge Carrascal to score the fourth.

However, the power of Álvarez, you know, is not just opportunism. He knows how to generate his own situations by delaying and facing, in the most diverse ways. This is how he built an impressive 2021: 26 goals and 4 titles in 58 games considering River and the Argentine National Team. Of course, the second half of the year is overwhelming because it drew a streak that amazes: in the last 22 games he celebrated 20 goals …

River thrashed Colón to become champion of the Champions Trophy

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Will Julián Álvarez continue in River in 2022 or will he fly to Europe? The player himself fed the doubt after the game: “I don’t know what will happen. Now to celebrate. Holidays. In January we will see if the preseason starts or if something else happens. For now the head is on River ”. And he added: “There is the World Cup. We all know what it means for all of us that we are on the National Team’s radar. It is very important, but when making decisions it will be seen. I will choose what I think is best for me. “

An exit clause of 20 million euros

De River will only leave if a club pays the exit clause of 20 million euros clean for millionaires. Flying over Julián Álvarez, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Inter, Manchester City and Tottenham appear with more chances than Fiorentina and Bayer Leverkusen. These days the panorama will be clearing up.

For now, River closed 2021 as the most champion of the year in Argentina with three titles, one more than Boca. Always consecrating himself by a landslide: 5-0 to Racing in the Argentine Super Cup, 4-0 to Racing in the Professional League and 4-0 to Colón in the Champions Trophy. It was the 14th star in the Gallardo Era. It was the best farewell for Leonardo Ponzio, who retired playing a few minutes at the end and enjoying his 17th Olympic lap.

Everything works out for River. And 2022 is also hinted at auspicious. A few days ago he assured the continuity of the Doll. Now the obsession will be to retain Julián Álvarez. It sounds like an almost impossible mission.

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