Intercultural Book Festival reactivates culture in Ecuador

The Metropolitan Cultural Center, the Bellavista headquarters of the Benjamín Carrión Cultural Center and the National Library of Ecuador Eugenio Espejo. host the event that brings together writers, artists, booksellers and publishers.

At least 30 stands distinguish the Intercultural Book Festival, recognized as a cultural and artistic exchange center that brings together local and national groups, businesses, industries and groups.

Reading workshops, book presentations, conversations with creators, catalogs of digital books to download for free, as well as musical, dance, concerts and poets exchange are part of the program.

Children and youth have specific spaces that seek to encourage a love for books and literature made by Ecuadorian writers.

The agenda includes alternative editorial projects and publications focused on gender diversity and issues such as the fight for equal rights and the resistance of historically discriminated human groups.

The meeting includes more than 200 events and pays posthumous tribute to the writers who died this year Juan Valdano (August 2), Jorge Velasco Mackenzie (September 24) and Eliécer Cárdenas (September 26).

The meeting is organized by the Metropolitan District of Quito, through the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the Chamber of Books and independent publishers, with the support of the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Recognizing local literature and promoting the work of the National System of Culture are two of the objectives of the encounter with letters, which is also an alternative to find a good gift for Christmas celebrations.

“Give a book as a gift” is one of the slogans of the event, which for many is the closest thing to the already usual International Fairs, expected annually in this capital by those who enjoy universal and novel literary works.

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