1-0: A goal from Nikao gives the Copa Sudamericana to At.  Paranaense

1-0: A goal from Nikao gives the Copa Sudamericana to At. Paranaense

The Athletico Paranaense conquered this Saturday for the second time in its history the South American Cup with a goal of Maycon Ferreira, ‘Nikao’, that left the Bragantino, defeated 1-0 in the Brazilian final.

The 29-year-old midfielder’s flamboyant scissor maneuver signaled the superiority of the Curitiba 28 minutes into the decisive game of the twentieth edition of the South American, played in the Centennial Stadium of Montevideo (Uruguay).

Athletico Paranaense: Saints; Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Nicolás Hernández (d.74, Zé Ivaldo); Marcinho, Erick (m.82, Fernando Canesin), Léo Cittadini (m.94, Nicolas), Abner; Nikao, Kayzer (m.74, Pedro Rocha) and David Terans (m.74, Christian).
Coach: Alberto Valentim

Bragantino: Cleiton; Aderlan, Fabricio Bruno, Leo Ortiz, Edimar (m.75, Luan); Praxedes (m.81, Alerrandro), Jadsom, Tomás Cuello (m.81, Gabriel Novaes); Artur (m.87, Leandrinho), Ytalo (m.87, Jan Hurtado) and Helinho.
Coach: Mauricio Barbieri.

Goal: 1-0: m.28, Nikao.

Referee: Andrés Matonte (Uruguay). He admonished Fabricio Bruno, Aderlan, Léo Cittadini, Abner and Erick.

Incidents: Final of the 2021 edition of the South American Cup, played at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo.

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Nikao He took advantage of a rejection within the area and defined with a nice action. The ball hit the right post and entered the goalkeeper’s goal Cleiton. The figure of the ‘Furacao’ celebrated hugging his companions. In the stands, the fans screamed and continued singing under the Tower of Tributes located in one of the stands of the Historic Monument of World Soccer.

In this way, the first half went with a 1-0 victory for the team that had already conquered the Sudamericana in the 2018 season.

At the beginning of the second half, the Bragantino He again took the reins of the game and approached the rival goal with many centers. The Paranaense He retreated again and opted for a backlash that never came.

The players of At. Paranaense raise the South American Cup


With many touches in the middle of the field and several fouls, the meeting lowered its revolutions, something that favored ‘Furacao’. A shot with the left leg of Artur could tie, but the auction was lost outside. This was the clearest play that the forward had, one of the figures of his team and one of the top scorers of this season. South American.

With several changes, the Bragantino went on the attack to seek equality in the final moments. His rival defended the advantage with a defense that returned to have in the captain Thiago Heleno to one of the figures.

Desolation in the Bragantino players

Desolation in the Bragantino players


After 90 minutes, the referee marked the end and there was no time for more. The Athletico Paranaense won the South American Cup in Montevideo and became the first Brazilian team to achieve ‘The Great Conquest’ twice.

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