Miguel Mendoza is serving 300 days in prison under "torture and cruel treatment"

“You are my hero! I need to see you », the cry of the daughter of Miguel Mendoza

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continues to refuse to allow eight-year-old Alejandra to communicate with her father, political prisoner and sports writer Miguel Mendoza. The wife of the prisoner of conscience, Margin Pozo, has repeatedly requested that they let the little girl see her father on a visit, they even do not let her receive the letters that her daughter writes to her.

«We demand that Alejandra be allowed to see her father Miguel Mendoza. The last time she hugged him was on June 21, 2021. Incommunicado detention is psychological torture. She is a girl and she has rights,” Pozo wrote on the journalist’s Facebook page.

In Alejandra’s recent drawing, she tells her father: “You’re my hero! I need to see you. I love you daddy!”. The graphic is accompanied by two Nicaraguan flags, the largest represents the political prisoner and the smaller one represents the small one.

«Communication between father and daughter is a right and Alejandra has been denied it without cause and without legal justification for 14 months. Through the lawyer (Miguel’s technical defense) several requests have been made for the girl to see her father, but they do not give an answer and when I have asked verbally, they express that it is not “authorized” “, denounced Margin Pozo in days recent.

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During these 14 months, the political prisoner’s lawyer has filed 11 appeals before the Managua Court of Appeals (TAM) and none have been answered. The forced separation between Miguel Mendoza and his daughter Alejandra has caused damage to the girl’s physical and emotional health, according to her mother.

“It has been psychological torture for her. And it’s not fair for an innocent girl to go through so much pain and suffering. Alejandra needs to see her father. She expresses: “My heart is sad and sick, because I have not seen my daddy” », she affirmed.

Political prisoners Miguel Mora, Tamara Dávila, Suyen Barahona, Félix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro and Róger Reyes also experience this same situation of forced separation from their sons and daughters. All of them have been denied the right to communicate by any means with their offspring.

A lawyer, on condition of anonymity, explained to Article 66 that visits between prisoners of conscience and their sons and daughters should be every 15 days because it is a right of children and adolescents who are protected in the Family Code. The jurist pointed out that the law establishes that fathers, mothers, sons and daughters must maintain communication and that this right is not extinguished because the parents are in prison.

The only mechanism that has been effective so that the political prisoners Tamara Dávila and Miguel Mora could see their children last Saturday, August 20, was a hunger strike. The regime relented and allowed both prisoners of conscience to meet them after 15 months under forced separation.

The relatives of the political prisoners denounced that a visit is not enough and demanded that the authorities draw up a schedule of visits so that the children and adolescents can maintain regular communication with their parents twice a month and that the laws that protect the rights of minors.

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