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Yguazú 500kV substation shows 80% progress

The works of the new Yguazu 500kV substation are progressing smoothly and its completion is scheduled for March 2023, although ANDE expects it to be operational from next December.

Technical manager Miguel Báez told Telefuturo that there are currently four 220kV lines and one 500kV line that withdraw energy from the Itaipu hydroelectric plant to the Paraguayan electrical system. With this work, two new 500kV lines will be added and Paraguay will have the capacity to dispose of some 8,000 watts.

The president of ANDE, Félix Sosa, explained that there are three components in the national electricity system: generation (currently covered by the binationals), transmission, and finally distribution to homes and industries.

The work of the substation means that the country will cover the transmission from the hydroelectric plants to the electrical system, while ANDE has been prioritizing for four years the strengthening of the distribution system to end customers.

In September of last year, the second transmission line from the Yacyretá Binational Entity (EBY) was put into operation, which allowed the country to withdraw all of the energy that corresponds to it from the dam shared with Paraguay.

With the future Yguazu substation, it will also be possible to withdraw all the energy generated by the dam shared with Brazil. This energy will be available for industrial use and so that residential consumption is not affected, within the expected growth in demand, Sosa said.

The entrance Yguazú 500kV substation shows 80% progress was first published in diary TODAY.

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