JNJ specifies that the only degree that has qualified the Nation's prosecutor is Doctor of Laws

Patricia Benavides about a drone at the prosecutor’s house: “Privacy and security are being affected”

The head of the Public Ministry, referred to the drone that appeared in the house of prosecutor Marita Barreto, who is in charge of investigations into the president’s environment and said his privacy and security are “being affected.”

In an interview with ‘Panorama’, he indicated that these are actions by those under investigation to seek to intimidate the prosecutors and that this includes “orchestrated attacks” with false information.

“When conducting investigations, those under investigation try to attack the people who investigate them, in this case it was me first with the drone issue, taking pictures, monitoring, orchestrated attacks with false information. Now we also see the Special Team, in charge of Dr. Barreto, where we also see the issue of the drone”he expressed.

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“They are invading private spaces, where privacy and security are being affected, not only mine and my family, but also that of Dr. Barreto”added the head of the Public Ministry.

Benavides Vargas also stated that in recent weeks they have been receiving attacks seeking “disinform the population” of what is happening, “giving false information that does not conform to reality”.

Prosecutor denounces presence of drone

The fiscal Marita Barretoin charge of the Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power, has filed a police complaint this Sunday for the appearance of a drone at his home.

This was reported by prosecutor Jorge García Juárez this Sunday, during the preventive detention hearing against Yenifer Paredessister-in-law of the president, and the mayor of the district of Anguía (Cajamarca), Jose Nenil Medina Guerrero.

He explained that this Sunday, August 21, at 5:24 p.m., Barreto herself contacted him by phone to inform him of what had happened, which she had already reported to the local police station.

He said that when he wanted to record the drone, it disappeared. Therefore, he proceeded to file a complaint at the police station, where he recorded this “unfortunate event”.

“Coincident [ocurre] in the middle of a discussion of preventive detention, where the danger of obstruction by a criminal organization entrenched in the highest spheres of power and that makes use of that power to intimidate the prosecutors who are investigating serious facts that lacerate the state”said the prosecutor.


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