Women's Congress will be held until May

Women’s Congress will be held until May

The Minister of People’s Power for Women and Gender Equality, Diva Guzmán reported this Tuesday that the Venezuelan Congress for Women that began on March 15 will continue until the coming month of May, with the aim of bringing together proposals and concrete actions on behalf of women for the development of the country.

“We have decided that this Congress will not last just one day, to allow us enough time for review, debate and reflection and that is why we have called for our Congress to last from March to May with the face of a working woman,” explained the minister.

In this sense, the head of the portfolio for Women, said that the first 24 meetings have already been held with the participation of more than 64 women’s movements that make life in various regions of the country, hand in hand with 700 promoters deployed in the communities.

«At least until now there are 6 thousand 137 women who have been summoned in these Assemblies. In addition, in this Pre-Congress stage we are systematizing some 924 received proposals », she asserted.

She explained that part of the work agenda of the various Assemblies will be focused on prioritizing cutting-edge and relevant issues for women such as the economy, health and gender justice.

On the other hand, she highlighted that one of the medium-term goals is to consolidate the national women’s organization as a single block. «We must overcome sectarianism, divisionism to continue building unity. That is why the debate on the organization of women must also be at the center of the agenda », she stressed.

Another aspect that this Congress will work on is the meeting and exchange with other women of the world. “Venezuela is a benchmark, for many women it is unthinkable that a woman can become Vice President of the Republic,” she explained.

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