Popular Union launches Leonardo Pericles' candidacy for the presidency

With leafleting in factory, Léo Péricles starts election campaign

Candidate Léo Péricles, from the Popular Unity (UP) party, started his campaign for the Presidency of the Republic today (16) with a leaflet in the early hours of the morning at the door of a valve factory in Contagem, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.With leafleting in factory, Léo Péricles starts election campaign

He presented some points of his program such as the increase in the minimum wage, the review of labor and social security reforms, freezing of prices for essential items such as gas and basic food baskets, generation of employment and income, among other measures of interest to the workers.

“We also defend the importance of popular participation, including using other instruments such as plebiscites and referendums. The electronic voting machine is efficient and does not need to be used just every two years. It has to be used more frequently so that popular participation can be more effective”, said the presidential candidate.

After the leafleting in Contagem, the candidate Leo Pericles he went to the Popular Restaurant, in downtown Belo Horizonte, where he also distributed his campaign proposal, which included the creation of programs to fight hunger, taxation of large fortunes, popular agrarian reform and the renationalization of privatized state-owned companies. At 4 pm, leafleting is scheduled in Praça Sete and a political act in the Carolina Maria de Jesus occupation, when she will present the program of the subtitles Housing for All and for the end of the housing deficit.

Leonardo Pericles is the only black man in the presidential race. Born in Belo Horizonte, he is an electronics technician and machine maintenance mechanic. The presidential candidate began to approach politics in student movements in the early 2000s. Years later, he joined the Movimento de Luta nos Bairros, Vilas e Favelas (MLB). In 2008, he ran for a seat on the Belo Horizonte City Council, but was not elected. Already for the Popular Unity in the last municipal elections, in 2020, he ran as a candidate for vice mayor of Belo Horizonte (MG), on the ticket of Áurea Carolina (PSOL). They came in fourth with 103,115 votes.

According to the electoral calendar, as of this Tuesday, candidates are authorized to carry out electoral propaganda on the internet and rallies with sound systems. The broadcasting of electoral propaganda on radio and television, for the first round of the elections, will begin on the 26th. It will end on the 29th of September.

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