The Government of Buenos Aires announced that it will take charge of the transport service

The Government of Buenos Aires announced that it will take charge of the transport service

Legislators from the Buenos Aires opposition arch, who formed the “anti-crane front” that demands the suspension of the tender for the haulage system in the City of Buenos Aires, considered the local government’s announcement to take control of the service as “an achievement” temporarily, however they indicated that they will maintain the call for a session on Thursday to debate the issue at the venue.

According to the legislator of the Front of All Juan Manuel Valdesthe decision of the Buenos Aires Government “is an achievement of the opposition that, constituting the ‘anti-crane front’, put on the table this business that collects at the expense of taxpayers” and stated that “we expect a transit system that prioritizes the right to circulation and not the profit of a few living”.

On his Twitter account, the legislator said that “until we can read the resolution of the Buenos Aires government, the session has to take place” and pointed out that “we must not only finish these 21 years but also investigate why Horacio Rodríguez Larreta did nothing in This weather”.

In this way, the deputy referred to the announcement of the Buenos Aires administration to take control of the badly parked car hauling service in the City, which is currently in the hands of two companies that have been operating for more than 20 years with an expired contract. , although extended, and with a frozen fee since 2014 set at $55 thousand.

“The City has decided to take charge of the hauling service on a temporary basis until the bidding process is over and the new concessionaire takes office,” said the Chief of Staff, Felipe Miguel, who stressed that the measure was worked out “with the interblock of Together for Change (JXC)” in the Buenos Aires Legislature.

The official’s clarification was in response to the call for Thursday’s special session in the Buenos Aires Parliament, in which the opposition arch plans to debate the concession of the tow truck service.

To get the session started, a quorum of 31 legislators is required, a figure that the opposition does not reach since it has 28 seats, so it was speculated that the remaining three seats could be provided by the deputies of the Civic Coalition due to the internal frictions that crosses the referenced space in Elisa Carrió in JxC.

However, the head of the CC bloc, Facundo Del Gaisoassessed that “with today’s announcement, where the City is in charge of the hauling service until it is awarded, it makes no sense to hold the special session.”

For his part, the legislator Eugene Casiellesfrom the Federal Consensus monobloc, which is part of the “anti-crane front”, told Télam that “the session continues for now”.

“Today after three years of intense work and many requests for reports, bills presented and others, we can say that we put an end to a state mafia that had been stealing from citizens for more than 21 years. I celebrate ending corruption and business of friends,” he said in a social media post.

For Alexandrina Barry, Legislator of the PTS in the Left Front, considered that “Larreta supported the business of the transport companies that have been operating irregularly for more than 20 years in the City, and now they have announced that he will transitionally take over.”

The deputy of the Workers’ Party in the Left Front Gabriel Solano he affirmed that “the crane business scandal must be investigated to the end” and pointed out that “the nationalization announced by Larreta must not block the investigation of the responsibilities of the officials and their ties with the concessionaire companies.”

Finally, Ramiro Maraof La Libertad Avanza, also a member of the “anti-crane front”, indicated that “21 years had to pass for the Government of CABA to decide to put an end to the theft and corruption of the haulage system” and highlighted that “more than two decades operating without bidding and with the sole purpose of feeding the friends of the State”.

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