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Neighbors of the El Recreo parish protested because they have been without power for more than five days

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neighbors of the parish El Recreo protested this Tuesday on Andrés Bello avenue claiming that some sectors of the area have been without power for more than five days.

The situation is occurring specifically in a group of blocks in the Simón Rodríguez community. This was reported by the coordinator of the Caracas North Front organization, Carlos Julio Rojas.

The citizens indicated that due to the constant fluctuations of electricity that are frequently generated in the area, a transformer burned.

They assure that they have made the corresponding reports to Corpoelec, but until now they still have not received any type of response.

«Inhuman what the neighbors of Simón Rodríguez live in El Recreo, where several blocks have been without electricity for 5 days, all under the negligent gaze of Corpoelec, who claims they do not have the resources to fix the transformer or buy a new one. Nestor Reverol gives blackouts to all of Caracas,” Rojas denounced in Twitter.

The protesters pointed out that many elderly people live in the area, as well as young children who have been greatly affected by the blackout.

They pointed out that they require the service to activate the water pumps, as well as to cook, work, or recreate. They also report that patients who require oxygen concentration equipment are at risk.

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