Minister Izkia Siches says that Héctor Llaitul’s statements “is not new information” and urges the Public Ministry “to take the appropriate actions”

The Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, participated in the Special Investigative Commission for Security and Public Order of the Chamber of Deputies.

In this sense, the Secretary of State was consulted about the statements issued by the leader of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM), Héctor Llaitul, who stated that the organization would be a participant in wood theft.

“The wood that we recover is to have resources to generate the inputs to rebuild the Mapuche world. And to have the irons, and to have the shots, and to have the necessary implements to defend the communities and the processes that are carried out “Llaitul maintained through a video.

Given this, Siches indicated that the information released by the CAM leader is not new, and that it is contemplated in the expansion of the State Security Law complaint against the Mapuche community member, which was announced by the Government last July 27.

“In this expansion of the complaint, we not only request special emphasis on these statements, on the review of these statements as well as the previous ones where the ones that were received by the press this weekend are contained, but they are not new information,” he said. .

Along the same lines, the head of the Interior emphasized that as Executive “we have been clear that we are not going to be complacent towards those who commit crimes in any of the areas of our country”, for which reason “around this we have proposed to the Public Ministry do the actions that are incumbent “.

“Specifically, when there is any admission by these people of an illegal act, without a doubt the Public Ministry also, as we have repeatedly said, has complete freedom to act,” he said.

“We effectively hope that the Public Ministry can investigate and do what is appropriate for this,” he added.

He also insisted that “this is not new information for anyone and I think we were all aware that the theft of wood was one of the sources of financing for the organized gangs that operate in the area.”

In addition, he reported that from La Moneda they analyzed the complaints previously filed against Llaitul, for which they requested a “series of proceedings” for the review of interviews and current statements.

“I think we have a deeper problem here than just filing complaints,” Siches said.

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