They demand the election of senators for the period 2022-2026

They demand the election of senators for the period 2022-2026

The Council of State received the first lawsuit against the election of senators in the Congress of the Republic, for the period 2022-2026.

The appeal was filed Jose Manuel Abuchaibethe lawyer who in 2021 lost the investiture lawsuit of today’s president Gustavo Petrofor an alleged violation of the incompatibility regime.

The lawyer requests the annulment of the act of election of the senators and that, “the list of the Historical Agreement be excluded from the general calculation of votes contained in the E-26 SEN issued by National Electoral Commission of the National Electoral Council”.

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According to the lawyer, the election of the senators would be tainted by “alleged ignorance of the requirements” to reach the position.

It also indicates that, “in the registration document of the list presented by the coalition of the Historical Pact contains false information or information contrary to the truth.”

“Doubt arises about the vote applicable to the Human Colombia partyonce the Constitutional Court decided to grant it legal status, since that organization did not register candidates in the elections for the House of Representatives or Senate in 2018,” the lawsuit reads.

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The lawyer represents Luis Alfonso Colmenares, candidate for the Senate for that same period and who was a senator in the last legislature. He is the father of Luis Andrés Colmenares, the young man who died on the night of October 31, 2010 under mysterious circumstances.

Along with Colmenares, Gilberto Tobón of the Citizen Force movement did not exceed the threshold; Carlos Fernando Galán, Mabel Lara, Carlos Alfonso Negret and Sandra Borda, from the new liberalism and Catherine Ibarguen from the U party.

José Tamayo ‘Manguito’, Edward Rodríguez, Álvaro Hernán Prada, Margarita Restrepo of the Democratic Center party were also burned; Antonio Sanguino from Alianza Verde and Hollman Morris from Fuerza Ciudadana.

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