What skills should you include on your resume?

What skills should you include on your resume?

Our or our resume are our main letter of introduction when we are looking for a new job or when we want to relocate in the .

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But, considering that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the selection processes of many companies have not stoppedHow can I strengthen or highlight my skills on my resume? How can I emphasize so-called soft skills?

According to Equicons Consultants, soft skills allow us to maintain emotional balance and they help us to become true leaders in times of crisis or in times of uncertainty, such as those we are currently experiencing. For that reason, it is very important to highlight them in our resume.

According to the consultant “Organizations are looking for candidates with a diverse profile. Not only is it sought that they have the knowledge of their area, but also that they can work as a team, solve problems and adapt to different scenarios”.


Even though the technology training tops the list of skills that employers see as essential for the coming years –as indicated in Intuic–, it is also important that we highlight our ability to develop critical thinking, in addition to our leadership skills and social influence and the practical problem solving.

How? Although there is no definitive rule that indicates how this information is included in a resume, based on various models that circulate today on social networks and the Internet, it is possible to highlight it as part of your professional summary or your initial presentation. .

But, there are also those who place this information as a list, numbering them or placing them with bullet points. There are even those who use a kind of graphic scheme, while others place them as part of the description they make of the jobs they have held.


At Equicons Consultores they ensure that this information must be in accordance with the demands of companies and, currently, the soft skills most in demand by organizations today are:

1. Problem solving and results orientation

Understood as the ability we have to act in the face of an inconvenience, problem solving translates into finding a quick and effective solution to conflicts. While the results orientation It is defined as the competence that allows us to respond to a situation, but within the required timeframes.

2. Teamwork and communication

This ability allows people who interact to understand each other with the aim of coordinating actions through mutual commitments, that is, as a team. While one effective communication It facilitates the conditions to establish fluid relationships and minimize possible conflicts, it is another of the skills that are demanded in the applicants.

Many skills are analyzed by companies during job interviews before filling a position, so it is important to highlight them, in order to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the applicants (Photo: Pixabay)
Many skills are analyzed by companies during job interviews before filling a position, so it is important to highlight them, in order to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the applicants (Photo: Pixabay)

3. Adaptation to change and resilience

Skills that go hand in hand because the adaptation to change it is the capacity that allows us to assume changes without altering the scope of the objectives proposed in advance, while the resilience it comes to the fore to adapt to adverse situations and take advantage of that difficulty to turn it into an opportunity.

4. Innovation and decision making

Innovating consists of implementing innovative elements at work, such as doing different activities or having new learning. But, it is also important to be able to make a decision between different options to resolve situations in a timely manner.

5. Empathy and emotional intelligence

Having empathy consists of putting ourselves in the place of the other person. That is, knowing what you feel or think at a given moment. While the ability to identify and manage one’s own and others’ emotions properly is emotional intelligence.

But, in addition to relational, communication, organizational and social behavior skills, it is also important to include other types of activities such as management (human resources and projects), linguistic or administrative. You will need to include this information depending on the company you apply to because not all of them have the same demands.

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