What happens in the PRI?  The keys to the internal conflict after electoral defeats

What happens in the PRI? The keys to the internal conflict after electoral defeats

“It is unfortunate –added Moreno- that a co-religionist comrade adopts the same position as the government of the Republic of dividing the opposition, attacking the opposition and trying to divide the PRI”.

For this reason, he anticipated eventual sanctions: “the National Political Council is not going to allow, because that is how it has been expressed, that no one, no PRI member, no matter how important they feel, that we allow them to attack the unity of the party, we are not going to allow that. ”.

At a press conference on Tuesday the 28th, after announcing his proposal to free the carrying of weapons, he complained that he had barely had a first meeting with former leaders and they were already urging him to another. And he insistently accused that those who seek his departure are seeking, like Morena, to break the opposition alliance with Acción Nacional (PAN) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

In reference to Osorio Chong, he wanted to minimize his claims: “That senator’s issue is not an issue for us. It is within his rights, regrettable what they are doing, but here we respect everyone. I don’t have the slightest opinion about the campaign he’s doing, but well, I hope he does well in his life”.

What he did do was separate most of the former PRI leaders from that critical position, since he announced that he had already met with five of them and everything was “very, very good.”

“Most of the former presidents of the PRI did not raise what the senator came out to declare. There are 15 living former PRI presidents who are part of the CPN, there are 18, two resigned, one expelled and one who is in the PRI […] The greatest respect to the former presidents and former presidents because he is not president, right? He is a senator,” he said.

The critics, he pointed out, “are not the militancy” and here “there are no first-class and second-class PRI members, we are all the same.”

In addition, he warned that the PRI members know who are campaigning on land, in the sectionals, “who are in the rain and in the sun, but they also know who are the world champions of the multi-members, who are the kings of the trapeze” .

Do PRIists make the fat broth for Morena?

This position was due to the fact that Osorio Chong had previously radicalized his position. On Friday 24, in an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva in Radius Formulaasked the PAN and the PRD not to negotiate the agreements of an alliance for 2024 with Moreno Cárdenas, since that decision will not be up to him.

“We are going to continue on the path of asking first to leave the party, to open the call for the new leadership, and of course ask the PAN and the PRD not to make agreements with those who do not have (powers) because their mandate ends on the 19th. August of next year.

In the same tone, this Tuesday, after the conference he gave at the CEN of the PRI “Alito”, Osorio Chong responded to his criticism, already personalized in him, in various interviews, and anticipated the legal route they could follow to finalize the relief in tricolor leadership.

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