Weather in Uruguay today: Inumet's weather forecast for this Monday, June 12

Weather in Uruguay today: Inumet’s weather forecast for this Sunday, July 16

He Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) forecast for this Sunday, July 16, July a day with low thermal sensations and little rain in the metropolitan area, east and north of the country.

In the metropolitan area, it is expected a morning with a clear sky and some cloudiness, with mists. In addition, low thermal sensations and agricultural frosts are expectedweather. In the late evening, a cloudy sky, with periods of cover and probable scarce and isolated rains. The low thermal sensations continue.

The temperature range, according to the institute’s website, It goes from a minimum of 3 °C to a maximum of 10 °C.

Inumet Forecast for the East

In the morning forecast a somewhat cloudy and cloudy sky with clear periods. Low probability of rain and low thermal sensations are expected. In the afternoon the sky will be cloudy with periods of overcast. The scarce and isolated rains remain, and the low thermal sensations.

The expected minimum temperature is 4 °C and the maximum of 12 °C.

What will the weather be like in the west?

In the West, Inumet forecast a morning with clear skies and some cloudiness, with periods of overcast. The institute also reports agrometeorological frosts, mists and fog banks. For the afternoon / night, expect a cloudy sky with a period of cover and mists.

Regarding temperature, the institute foresees 2 °C minimum and 13 °C maximum.

This will be the center of the country, according to Inumet

In the center of the country the morning will be clear and somewhat cloudy with cloudy periods. The institute expects mists, fog banks, low thermal sensations and agrometeorological frosts. In the afternoon/night, cloudy skies are expected with periods of cover and scant and isolated rains, in addition to low thermal sensations.

Temperature The forecast minimum is 1 °C and the maximum is 12 °C.

And the weather in the north?

Finally, in the north, Inumet forecast clear skies and some cloudiness, with cloudy periods. In addition to agrometeorological frosts, fogs and mists. In the Late night the sky will be somewhat cloudy, with cloudy periods and mists.

The expected temperature range is from a minimum of 2°C to a maximum of 14°C.

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