Waste of food at low prices at the Santiago de Cuba fair to satisfy the people

Waste of food at low prices at the Santiago de Cuba fair to satisfy the people

More than surprised, many people from Santiago were outraged when last Saturday the local government organized an opulent food fair on the central Victoriano Garzón Avenue, from Plaza de Marte to Ferreiro. “They took out all kinds of products, existing and for having, it seems that to satisfy the people and that it does not throw itself into the streets on November 15,” commented some of those who attended.

“They are even roasting beef, plus there is buffalo meat, ostrich, chicken, turkey, pork, as well as cheese. mozzarella, chorizo, blood sausage, mortadella, yogurt, cookies, sweets “, explained a Santiago woman who was amazed by the variety of offers:” There is everything! Even milk, which does not appear anywhere, they are selling flavored milk sachets. “

After almost two years, the local authorities resumed the well-known Santiaguera Night fair, suspended by the covid-19 pandemic. But long before, the day of food sales had lost the interest that it aroused in its beginnings in the inhabitants, due to the economic crisis that the country is going through and that considerably affected the offers

However, despite the variety of products at the fair this Saturday, the surprise was short-lived and outrage quickly surfaced in many. The shortage of all shops was the constant in the worst months of the covid-19 in the city, even those of freely convertible currency. Markets closed, empty shelves and the little food that appeared was unattainable for many due to the high prices.

This Saturday, some products that are usually expensive, could be purchased at the fair at a lower price. “The cakes that are worth between 900 and 1,000 pesos, they were selling it there for 200, “said a neighbor from the Chicharrones neighborhood, who quickly finished off:” What they are doing is making people’s hearts and stomachs content, they think that Cuba’s problem it’s a stomach problem. “

Another resident of the city, affirmed to 14ymedio that at the fair products were marketed “that not even in foreign currency stores can be found at ridiculous prices so that everyone can buy”, such as “modules with ham, salami, salami at 160 pesos”, when in reality they cost the triple. “This is called fear, it is not called pleasing the people.”

The Santiaguera Night Fair was created by the former secretary of the Communist Party of Santiago, Lázaro Expósito Canto, who He left office on October 29, although on Saturday he accompanied the new secretary of the province, Ramón Monteagudo Ruíz, on a tour of Garzón.

“They do not realize that this is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow,” comments an independent reporter upon seeing a social media post of the ruling party showing photos of the tour of the Party leaders through the streets of Santiago. “In any case, it is certain that the government finds this strategy unsustainable. They are betting everything on 15N, it is a costly investment considering the bankruptcy the country is in.”


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