Councilors approve Central's intervention

Councilors approve Central’s intervention

The Central Department Board approved with 12 votes (out of 21 possible) a request for intervention against the administration of Hugo Javier González. With this it happens to the presidency of the Republic.

Only six councilors voted against the intervention and another three abstained.

Derlis Larroza, councilor for the Liberal Party (PLRA), and one of the promoters of the request, pointed out that the legal process is for the initiative to go to the presidency of the Republic, then to the Ministry of the Interior and finally, to the Chamber of Deputies.

If the request is approved in the Lower House, an auditor is appointed for a period of three months to direct the government and analyze the documents. At the end, he is accountable and the deputies decide whether to dismiss him or not.

“The governor speaks only through the press with us. It is an absent, negligent and criminal administration. We have nothing to talk to him about, ”he commented.

The first request for intervention occurred four months ago. July 14. On that occasion, Hugo Javier got away with 11 votes against the rejection and only 10 in favor of the intervention. The two councilors who joined this time were Mario Aguilera (PLRA) and Gustavo Machuca (ANR).

On November 1, Rodrigo Estigarribia, prosecutor of the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes of the Public Ministry, charged Hugo Javier González, governor of Central and 14 other people.

The charges are breach of trust, false statement, production of inauthentic documents, and criminal association. This is due to the alleged embezzlement of G. 5,105 million that the government had to allocate to mitigate the pandemic.

The tax account reads the following; On December 29, Hugo Javier González, authorized disbursements of money for the execution of works, in favor of the Fundación Centro Integral de Apoyo Profesional (CIAP).

The sums were for the following projects: “Construction and maintenance of public spaces” for G. 3,063 million, and “cobbled asphalt paving”, for G. 2,042 million.

Both projects did not detail the specific works to be carried out. Neither did they establish the precise places where the works would be carried out, apart from the fact that they would be within the Central Department, nor did they contain the project budgets, the financial plan or execution schedules for the works.

Not least data is that the CIAP Foundation is dedicated to the training of professionals, but does not contemplate the development of construction work. For this reason, the allocation of the funds was irregular, since it does not comply with the requirements and formalities established in Law 6469 “Which approves the General Budget of the Nation for the fiscal year 2020”.

On May 25, 2021, Hugo Javier, governor, and Javier Rojas, general director of administration and finances of the governorate, presented supporting invoices as accountability to the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency as well as to the Comptroller’s Office.

But most of the bills did not correspond to reality. Even the same providers mentioned in the documents appeared, claiming that they did not provide any services for said foundation.

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