They denounce publicity, political and parliamentary offensive of nostalgic people of the dictatorship

They denounce publicity, political and parliamentary offensive of nostalgic people of the dictatorship


This Monday, November 8, President Luis Lacalle Pou received the writer Mercedes Vigil, who leads the “Montevideo Forum”, demanding the release of the Domingo Arena prisoners.

At the door of the Executive Tower, the Presidency of the Republic building, there was a demonstration against the proposal of the Montevideo Forum and Mercedes Vigil.

Among the protesters was Irma Leites from Plenaria Memoria y Justicia.

“Mercedes Vigil: defender of State terrorists, employee of impunity”, could be read in one of the posters that the protesters appeared at the glass doors of the Executive Tower.

A forum for crimes against humanity

For its part, Crysol issued a statement, entitled: “A forum for crimes against humanity”, through which it expressed that the initiative of some members of the self-styled “Montevideo Forum”, headed by the writer Mercedes Vigil, to request an “amnesty for those convicted of the atrocious violations of human rights during State terrorism is reprehensible.”

“He is unaware of all the international and national regulations in this regard. The repressors deserve the greatest public condemnation and the greatest judicial severity, not spiritual, moral and political solidarity ”, indicate the former political prisoners.

They also emphasize that all those convicted have enjoyed the maximum legal and procedural guarantees, with overwhelming evidence and evidence. “No retroactive law has been applied to anyone and crimes provided for in the old Penal Code have been classified.”

Crysol states that from the Nuremberg Tribunal, to which Uruguay joined, the investigation, clarification and punishment of those responsible for the disappearances, crimes, kidnappings, torture and other heinous crimes, by the Power Judicial, “it is the way to follow so that they do not happen again.”

The Armed Forces assaulted democratic institutions in 1973. The civic-military dictatorship, “encouraged by the United States government, was an enormous national calamity whose disastrous effects still endure.”

“Faced with this publicity, political and parliamentary offensive by those nostalgic for the dictatorship that also tries to grant house arrest to state terrorists, we will convey our concern to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and other similar forums,” Crysol warns.

The organization affirms that together with all democratic citizens they will redouble their militant efforts to ensure that these initiatives do not prosper and that those responsible for the great violations of human rights of the dictatorship, crimes against humanity, are tried, convicted and carry out the criminal penalties that the norms establish and with the severity they deserve.

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