Vladimir Cerrón considers Pedro Barreto's statements to be an "ecclesiastical coup"

Vladimir Cerrón considers Pedro Barreto’s statements to be an “ecclesiastical coup”

The general secretary of the Free Peru party, spoke of the possibility of an “ecclesiastical coup” in response to the statements made by Cardinal after a meeting with the president .

“If the president (Pedro Castillo) is thinking of a new Cabinet without the knowledge of the Council of Ministers, his caucus and his party, only in complicity with the Church, he would be making a big political mistake”wrote this Friday on social networks.

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A day before, the Minister of the Environment, Modesto Montoya, ruled out that the possibility of a change of ministers had been discussed within the Cabinet. This, despite Cardinal Pedro Barreto saying that Pedro Castillo has vowed to take a “radical change of course.”

“Ecclesiastical coup? If the priest hasn’t found out yet, there is a Party that won the elections and the rest would be usurpation. Clergy meddling in electing a premier or cabinet is totally unacceptable.”said Cerron Rojas.

The former governor of Junín even pointed out that a possible “Barreto Cabinet” would only guarantee that there would be a subordinate coexistence between the people and their “exploiters” making believe that it is something natural and necessary.

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Vladimir Cerrón spoke after the statements made by Cardinal Pedro Barreto this Thursday, April 14, after speaking with President Pedro Castillo in a meeting that was also attended by the Secretary of the National Agreement, Max Hernández, former Foreign Minister Óscar Maúrtua, and the legislator Guillermo Bermejo (Democratic Peru).

“We have met to make a proposal to the president so that there is a change and it is a government for all […] He is the one who is initiating this radical change of course and will report it at the time he deems appropriate, the only thing the church does is respect the autonomy of politics”he told the press.


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