Violence increases in 4 states where there was alternation and Morena arrived

Violence increases in 4 states where there was alternation and Morena arrived

Of the 2,061 intentional homicides that were registered during the first month of the year, 628 were reported in these five entities governed by Morena, that is, one in three murders.

In some of these states, the incoming governors appointed soldiers or sailors as Secretaries of Public Security, but according to experts such as Luis Sánchez Díaz, a researcher at Causa en Común, the militarization of these tasks is not producing results.

“These types of strategies have not worked and, despite the fact that there are no results, (the authorities) continue to try. They consider that having a military man in charge of security works, but we know that it is not like that, it is not working,” says the specialist.

According to the federal government’s daily report on violence, Guanajuato is no longer the only hot spot for violence in the country, since Michoacán has already joined it in that category. In the 31 days of January, in the state governed by the PAN, 235 homicides (11.4%) were registered, while in the entity governed by the morenista Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, 233 (11.3%) were recorded.

For years, Michoacán —a state in the Mexican Pacific— has been under fire due to the dispute between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and the so-called United Cartels, who face each other for control of illicit activities.

With 2,732 homicide victims throughout 2021, Michoacán ranked as the third most violent entity in Mexico —measured in absolute terms—, only below Guanajuato, which had 3,516 murders, and Baja California, with 3,014, according to SESNSP .

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