Velázquez has no authority over his deputies

The Chamber of Deputies again postponed the treatment of the project that “Approves the Protocol for the Elimination of the illicit trade in tobacco products.” The measure sought to promote international cooperation in the fight against the illegal trade of the substance.

Antonio Buzarquis, national deputy for the PLRA (bench “L”), said that this is not a coincidence but a causality.

“Obviously we did not have a quorum when we started the ordinary session, then for the modification of the regulations, which is a minor issue, we did have. But when we were going to address the tobacco protocol again we were left without a quorum, it obviously comes from a roadmap, ”he said.

He stated that the deputies who resist this want to avoid the control and traceability of tobacco.

“The problem is traceability above all. The follow-up, with this you can go disrupting the smuggling. The negotiations irregularly. Companies that present themselves as successful, but behind the façade of a formal company, smuggling actually operates”, he commented.


Hours before the treatment, the “Republican Force” movement, led by presidential candidate Hugo Velázquez, recommended that its bench in the Chamber of Deputies support the bill that establishes the “Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.”

Said project implies stricter controls to prevent the smuggling of cigarettes. The pro-government deputies were key to first provide a quorum and discuss the document and then with their votes for approval. It should be remembered that “Republican Force” has 18 legislators in the Lower House, while the Chartists have 25.

“’Republican Force’ considers that the aforementioned bill will establish the appropriate regulations that will allow the traceability of the commercial activity of the aforementioned products, allowing companies dedicated to this area to become obligated subjects for money laundering prevention agencies. money in the country”, reads part of the statement. However, lawmakers ignored it.

The project was in point 5 B of the Agenda of yesterday’s extraordinary session. However, only the first two points were addressed.

On this issue, Buzarquis stated that it turned out to be political pressure from the vice president. But more than orientation, what he is interested in is the discipline of his people.

“That indiscipline is constant. Until now we have not seen that discipline. If they paid attention we would have had the necessary quorum amply. One thing is what Velázquez says in his speech but the same does not happen with the parliamentarians of his caucus”, he pointed out.

Buzarquis hopes that with the new board of directors that will take office tomorrow, Friday, they will have control to set the agenda.

“With the new presidency and board of directors, we are going to try to make the best effort and have control of relevant issues for citizens,” he concluded.

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