Cyber ​​Wow: 5 items you can buy to renew the kitchen during the sales

The second edition of 2022 arrives from July 4 and, being at the gates of receiving the this can be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of and renew theof home. In this context, the white line has a leading role, as it makes it possible to facilitate and carry out daily activities at home in a practical way. Usually, during Cyber ​​Wow campaigns, Peruvians invest approximately S/ 1,200 in kitchen appliances, with refrigerators (40%), stoves (30%) and hoods (15%) being the items most in demand by Peruvian consumers. during the previous edition.

“The main objective of is to optimize and ensure the user experience. For this reason, we constantly monitor that the official stores and the entrepreneurs who sell within our platform maintain the competitive prices of the market offer during discount campaigns such as the Cyber ​​Wow.”commented Andrés Laffaire, Marketing Manager at Mercado Libre Peru.

Thus, the leading e-commerce platform in the region, provides recommendations to renovate your kitchen by taking advantage of the Cyber ​​Wow offers.

Kitchen: This is one of the most important items in the house, as it is the daily companion of Peruvian families. In that sense, It can be the best ally to bring restaurant experiences to the home, such as grilled or roasted chicken. On the other hand, for those people who are becoming independent, a It can be a good alternative thanks to the fact that it does not require much space for its installation. These and other similar products are available in the Kitchen category of Mercado Libre.

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Refrigerator: we understand that buying a It can be an important investment and, given the increase in prices in multiple sectors, it is essential to consider appliances that have features that allow savings in energy consumption. For example, teams like the with Smart Inverter Compressor technology, they are designed to obtain greater energy efficiency that translates into lower electricity consumption.

Extractor hood: the extractor hood is an essential complement to prevent the absorption and dispersion of kitchen odors throughout the house. In this way, the category Mercado Libre offers different options such as a with three levels of extraction capacity, aluminum filters and activated carbon that facilitates the cleaning of the product.

Extractor hood.
Extractor hood.

Cookware: the pots are usually the most durable companion of each family. For this reason, it is important to purchase a sturdy cookware set. Although it is true, at first hand it is a considerable investment, but in the long term it means saving money due to its durability. For example, within the Pots category, we can find alternatives of for greater resistance in the future.

air fryer: It is definitely one of the most demanded products on the list, as it is very useful for frying food in a healthy way using hot air. Within the segment, one of the best-selling products is the for how easy it is to use and for the interactive OLED panel it contains. Similarly, more options of this device can be found within the Air Fryer category of the platform.

air fryer
air fryer

“In addition, purchases made in our e-commerce are covered by the program which has the purpose of guaranteeing the total refund of the money in case the product does not arrive within the established period or does not meet the expectations of the buyer. Laffaire added.

Finally, Mercado Libre shipments arrive within 24 hours for Metropolitan Lima and within 48 hours nationwide, and it is free for purchases over S/ 79.00.


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