Vatican says Benedict XVI remains stable

Vatican says Benedict XVI remains stable

Vatican City. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, whose state of health remains “stable” within the seriousness, has been able to attend a mass celebrated in his room, reported the director of the Vatican press office, Matteo Bruni.

“Last night the Pope emeritus was able to rest well. He also participated in the celebration of Holy Mass in his room yesterday afternoon. Currently his condition is stable, ”Bruni said in a brief statement.

The Vatican spokesman had explained this Thursday that the pope emeritus, 95, remained “absolutely lucid and vigilant” after confirming the day before a “worsening” of his health “due to advancing age.” Despite his delicate state, Benedict XVI is “very serene” and was able to concelebrate the Mass with Monsignor Georg Gänswein, his personal secretary, dressed in a light stole over his robe.

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