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Public sector debt at 45 billion dollars

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Public sector debt at 45 billion dollars

The gross external debt of Uruguay was located at the end of November at 53,114 million dollars. It is basically concentrated in the non-monetary public sector with 20,256 million. The BCU’s debt reaches 976 million dollars and that of the non-banking private sector is 27,217 million, while in the private banking sector it stands at 3,724 million.

If we observe the evolution over the years, in 1999 the debt was 13,382 million, for which it has quadrupled in the last 23 years.

On the other hand, the gross debt of the public sector (as of September) was 45 billion dollars. This is external debt plus local debt). The bulk of the debt belongs to the Central Government (36 billion). The rest BPs, local governments, public companies and the Central Bank.

If the debt plus the interest to be paid is added, it reaches 65 billion dollars. The maturities go beyond 2028. The capital to be paid is 45 billion dollars and the interest is 20 billion dollars. Around 1,200 million dollars of interest on the public debt are paid per year.

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