Vásquez resalta Procompetencia previene colusión en compras públicas

Vásquez highlights Procompetencia prevents collusion in public purchases and contracting

SANTO DOMINGO – The President of the Board of Directors of the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (procompetition), María Elena Vásquez, said Thursday that collusion in public purchases and contracting constitutes one of the most serious misconduct, and stressed that the institution works steadily to avoid it.

Interviewed on the program No se Diga Más, broadcast at noon by TopLatina 101.7 FM, the official explained that the decentralized institution of the State maintains close coordination with the General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP) and other institutions, to prevent collusive practices or fraudulent maneuvers of economic operators in their objective of manipulating the processes.

He informed that his management has embarked on the explanation of the important role of Procompetencia for society and in the promotion of knowledge of the General Law for the Defense of Competition 42 of 2008 as a previous step for the construction of a culture of free and fair competition. .

In his opinion, one of the great institutional challenges is to make consumers and users aware that free and fair competition benefits them.

He pointed out that, by ensuring equality of conditions among all agents, it is committed to economic efficiency which, in the end, is reflected in quality products at better prices.

Vásquez warned that Procompetencia not only works with the big market agents “as many people think”, but also accompanies Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to learn about the law and their rights in the markets.

He emphasized that the institution has joined the Mipyme Route, a project of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Mipymes to guide and develop these economic units in every corner of the national territory.

He said that in the search for the construction of a culture of free and fair competition, they carry out consistent activities such as seminars, conferences, talks, workshops. He specified that they have signed cooperation agreements with other state institutions, universities, Congress, unions and civil society organizations.

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