Edith Ortiz “I want a Paraguay without stray animals”

Edith Ortiz Gullón is an animal activist who decided to venture into politics to ensure compliance with animal protection laws. She affirms that she will offer a frontal fight against corruption if she is elected.

Who is Edith Ortiz?

She is an activist in defense of animals and the environment. She studied business administration, I am a lawyer, master in civil law and civil procedure. I have been in business all my life. 12 years ago I was strongly active in defense of animals. I have one of the most active civil associations at the national level, which is called; Pako Rescue Paraguay. I work in rescue, rehabilitation and launching awareness, education and castration programs. I also have a nationwide low-income shelter assistance program. I am godmother of 23 shelters. I work with indigenous communities and with children with oncology.

Can you give us details about your candidacy?

I am a candidate for the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), within the alliance for Asunción. I am part of the political project led by Hugo Portillo for the presidential badge of the Concertación. I am list 6, option 1. For the deputation by capital.

What will be the axes of work for which you want to work?

Strengthen the work that I have already been working on, which is a frontal fight against corruption. Unfortunately in Paraguay, animals were not exempt from corruption either, so strengthen my struggle to achieve a state truly committed to the rights and defense of animals. It is the first thing that I would seek, to coordinate and clarify the legal regime regarding the possession of animals, to fight against the abandonment and mistreatment of them. Another of the objectives to be achieved is the inclusion, in the curriculum, of a basic level on welfare education and responsible animal ownership. Initially, it is to work and strengthen what I have been working on for 10 years, to ensure that the Public Ministry truly fulfills its role through the specialized units that have existed since 2019.

Do you have any plans for Asunción?

Also work on giving identity to emblematic neighborhoods of our capital that today were taken over by criminals. Recover green spaces for families to use again and be part of the maintenance and care. Preserve green spaces, recover squares, generate security in these spaces so that families give them the use that is truly needed.

How did you get into politics?

With Hugo (Portillo) we have known each other for a long time, precisely joining forces in the fight against corruption. After so much trying, from the outside with hundreds of demonstrations, complaints before the Public Ministry, judicial cases in the Court boxed, they ended up setting up an oral trial to silence me. That is the moment when a break occurs in my life and I said that I am going to try to continue the fight from the inside. That is where we unite the ideals with Hugo Portillo to strengthen our struggle, our ideals, within a political project.

How long ago did you start your campaign?

I started three weeks ago, where the candidacies were made official. Right now, apart from my role as deputy, I am leading the campaign for pre-candidate Hugo Portillo. I am campaign manager and candidate for deputy for Asunción. The reception of the people is very good because they see with good eyes that truly different people, different from this rotten political system, are encouraged to want to break that barrier of inserting a new political system, not the herd. We seek the awareness of people, regardless of whether they vote for us, we urge people to truly choose and make mistakes alone. Do not follow the colors, nor the ideologies. Try to empower people, the candidate, preparing him. What he did so far from outside. That is important to put in the balance, when the traditional parties are putting more of the same, promising what the years that were screwed to their chairs did not fulfill. What we are looking for is that people understand that it is time to vote for people and not for color or ideology.


Full name: Edith Virginia Ortiz Gullón.

Place of birth: Assumption

Date of Birth: March 9

Primary, secondary and university studies: REPSA 2, National College EMD Dr. Fernando de la Mora. UCA Business Administration, American University Law, Master Civil Law and Civil Procedure American University.

Marital status: Single

Jobs: Cerámica Chaco (Presidency Assistant), Citibank (commercial area), Propietaria SRL (event organization, real estate). Founder of Pako Rescate Paraguay (protection of animals, defense, rescue, rehabilitation and defender of the environment).

Hobbies: Running, cycling and gardening.

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