Value of the basic food basket increases in all capitals in 2021

Value of the basic food basket increases in all capitals in 2021

The value of the basic food basket increased in 2021 in the 17 capitals where the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese) carries out the National Survey of the Basic Food Basket.Value of the basic food basket increases in all capitals in 2021

According to the data, in the comparison of December 2021 with the same month of the previous year, the most expressive increases occurred in Curitiba (16.3%), Natal (15.42%), Recife (13.42%), Florianópolis ( 12.02%) and Campo Grande (11.26%). The lowest accumulated rates were those of Brasília (5.03%), Aracaju (5.49%) and Goiânia (5.93%).

The Survey showed that, from November to December 2021, the value of the basic food basket rose in eight cities, with emphasis on Salvador (2.43%) and Belo Horizonte (1.71%). The most important reduction was registered in Florianópolis (-2.95%).

In December 2021, the highest cost of the basket was in São Paulo (BRL 690.51), followed by Florianópolis (BRL 689.56) and Porto Alegre (BRL 682.90). Among the cities of the North and Northeast, locations where the composition of the basket is different, the lowest average values ​​were observed in Aracaju (R$ 478.05), João Pessoa (R$ 510.82) and Salvador (R$ 518.21 ).

According to Dieese’s estimates, in December 2021, the minimum wage necessary to maintain a family of four should be equivalent to R$ 5,800.98, which represents 5.27 times the current minimum wage, of R$ 1,100 .

In November, the minimum required corresponded to R$5,969.17 or 5.43 times the current floor. In December 2020, the minimum wage required was R$5,304.90, or 5.08 times the floor in force, which was equivalent to R$1,045.00.

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The data show that between December 2020 and 2021 there was an accumulated increase in prices in almost all capitals surveyed for prime beef (from 5% in Aracaju to 18.76% in Porto Alegre), sugar (between 32.12 % in Fortaleza and 73.25% in Curitiba), soy oil (from 8.94% in Goiânia to 11.68% in Campo Grande), coffee powder (between 39.42% in São Paulo to 112.44% in Vitória) and tomatoes – with expressive variations in Natal (102.29%), Vitória (58.53%), Florianópolis (43.85%), Rio de Janeiro (42.39%) and Belo Horizonte (36, 76%).

French bread also increased (highs that varied between 1.42% in Florianópolis and 14.14% in Curitiba), butter (between 0.51% in Belo Horizonte to 27.03% in Vitória), long whole milk life (from 5.24% in Curitiba to 9.52% in Florianópolis), wheat flour (from 33.82% in Curitiba to 17.2% in Porto Alegre), and cassava, which varied in the North and Northeast from 0.65% in João Pessoa to 13.14% in Natal.

On the other hand, potato (with rates between -33.57% in Belo Horizonte and -13.36% in Brasília), rice agulhinha (from -21% in São Paulo to -19. 01% in Goiânia) and beans (between -11.65% in Goiânia and -0.51% in Recife).

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