Journalist and writer Roberto Cuevas dies

Journalist and writer Roberto Cuevas dies

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The journalist and writer Roberto Cuevas Ramírez died this Saturday at the government headquarters. The author of more than a dozen works is veiled in the Miraflores area of ​​La Paz and his burial will be this Sunday at the Garden Cemetery.

No details were disclosed about the circumstances of the death of the former director of University Television, but the various messages on social networks are testimony to the deep mark that he leaves in the Bolivian media, literature and theater.

Ursula Goyzueta said goodbye to Cuevas with the following words: “The colleague and friend, Roberto Cuevas, journalist, historian, writer and radio player left. Fly high, friend and colleague, may the Divine light guide you on your new route, especially the Divine Mother to whom you dedicated one of your books ”.

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Other close associates, in time to say goodbye to the writer, described him as an excellent stage companion, a writer, playwright and journalist.

Sandro Velarde wrote: “In the sixties and seventies, together with Coco Manto, they did their thing on Radio Illimani, he was the Cachito in the Pérez Family and weekly he wrote his column ‘Cajón de Sastre’ where intelligent humor and poignant satire were the ingredients of a good chronicle ”.

Cuevas also participated in Página Siete as a writer of opinion pieces between 2017 and 2019. These are some of his contributions:

Second-class retirees (11/15/2017)

One more failure … (8/12/2017)

Coco Manto and the National Prize for Cultures (7/9/2019)

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