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UTE increased investment in electrical infrastructure by US$ 30 million each year


UTE is investing more in electrical infrastructureit came in an average of US$ 80 million and advanced to US$ 110 million each year during this five-year period, that is, there is an increase of US$ 150 million considering this period of government.

The data was exposed by Felipe Algorta, director of UTE, during the opening ceremony of the company’s stand at Expo Prado 2022.

Algorta stated that this increase considers exclusively the segment of investment in electrical infrastructurefor energy distribution, for which there are 95,000 km of wiring, “a very extensive network that not only has to be expanded, but also maintained, and in that sense some things that we are doing were missing.”

“We understand production as a strategic partner, we do not consider ourselves as an entity that has its rules and that everyone must adapt to, here it is the opposite, we attend to the particularity of each sector to empower ourselves,” he reflected.

Felipe Algorta, director of UTE, in front of the stand that has been displaying the company’s new logo since Tuesday.

Irrigation, dairy and agriculture

He mentioned that an example of investments and strategic efforts has been the management related to the irrigation sector: “For many years he asked to take out the rush hours and now we have achieved it, that generated an exceptional result last year and we are willing to renew it, because the win-win is key, because if we push and then they cannot consume again, we will to lose energy sales, which is, among other things, what we do,” he said.

He added that “we can also talk about the dairy farms, we are in a pilot plan so that the dairy farms that feed on single-phase lines go to three-phase, imagine the productive potential that this contemplatesa productive explosion can be given to improve milking and storage capacity, just by investing in electrical infrastructure”.

In another order, focusing on a key area for grain production, the country’s coastline, Algorta highlighted “the need to increase irrigation possibilities, there is a pilot plan to establish 60 Kw lines, 110 km long, to irrigate 80,000 hectares in a job that, to put it in Creole, pays for itself, something fundamental because now there are good prices, but when that is not the case, it is fought with quantity and irrigation is fundamental for that”.

Silvia Emaldi, president of UTE, and Omar Paganini, Minister of Industry, Ernegía and Minería, spoke at the event.

Uruguay 100% electrified

Algorta stressed that Uruguay “is a very electrified country”however admitted that despite recent progress “We still need to reach some places, but we have the commitment and we are going to fulfill it to reach 2024 with 100% of the country accessing the service”.

“The energy is there, we have it, but you have to bring it and with quality, there is little left and each case is a different story, a story of decades without energy, with many deprivations and that is why this keeps us awake at night, we are already reaching places distant more than 5 km from the network with state-of-the-art solar panels, with no installation cost for the client who only has to pay a monthly fee, with an efficient refrigerator and also that client will be a client of UTE and tomorrow if that client needs something, the UTE truck will go to him to solve what he needs, “he said.

“This is something transformative,” he asserted, “we are going to electrify the entire country, 100%, in this administration, it is something that many thought could not be done and we put inventiveness into it and we are going to achieve it.”

Pride renewed daily

“Being part of such an important and transcendent company is a source of pride and daily motivation, to get up every day and see that transformations are carried out with definitions, dialogue and common sense, because energy transforms,” ​​said Algorta.

The director of UTE, for whom each Expo Prado is special, since he was president of the Rural Youth Association of Uruguay (ARJU), said: “We have been able to influence a lot of issues that really impact, and they do so in many areas , as in agriculture where we have done things and we plan to do more”.

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