UTE inaugurated works for energy access to families in Canelones

UTE inaugurated works for energy access to families in Canelones

In the resort of Shangrilá (Canelones), the board of directors of UTE inaugurated this Friday the 28th the 30/15 kV Venusa transformer station. This work involved an investment of US$ 1.5 million and will directly improve the service of 6,300 customers in the area and, indirectly, that of 12,000 in Colonia Nicolich, San José de Carrasco and Solymar.

Participated in the activity, Silvia Emaldi; board members Felipe Algorta, Fernanda Cardona, and Enrique Pées Boz; the Undersecretary of Housing and Territorial Planning, Tabaré Hackenbruch, and the mayor of Ciudad de la Costa, Sonia Misirián.

In statements to the press, the president of UTE, Silvia Emaldi, pointed out the importance of this input that will allow the transformation of the network from medium to low voltage. In addition, she recalled that the technology that is incorporated will allow remote maneuvers.

Likewise, he highlighted that by the end of 2022, the investments made in Canelones will reach US$ 18 million and that they were conceived to accompany the growth of the department.

The authorities moved to the Las Toscas spa, where they inaugurated the Atlántida district, an establishment in which some 50 members of brigades and crews will work. Emaldi reported that 1,000,000 customers are served from the site in an area that covers the area between Parque Roosevelt and the border with Maldonado.

After this activity, the delegation arrived at the El Talar neighborhood (city of Pando), where they inaugurated a series of electrification works within the framework of the Social Inclusion Program. The Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema, also participated in the activity.

The improvements consist of regularizing safe access to electricity for 130 families made up of around 400 people, half of whom are children and adolescents. These family nuclei will also be beneficiaries of the Social Bonus, through which they will receive discounts of between 80 and 90% in the payment of their bills.

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