UTE extended the term to access a discount of $ 2,022 in the purchase of household appliances

UTE’s 2022 plan partially finances the purchase of new appliances made by customers with residential and general rates (SMEs).

How does it work?

The plan includes the acquisition of equipment such as hot water tanks of 40 liters or more with energy efficiency class A, air conditioning equipment with energy efficiency class A, clothes dryer, dishwasher, washer dryer and electric oven or fully electric stove. Microwaves and mixed cookers (for example, or electric oven with gas burners) are not included.

The benefit

UTE contributes $2,022 VAT included in each purchase made by the client, and each one can acquire up to a maximum of six of these pieces of equipment using the bonus.

The discount is included in the invoice associated with the UTE account and is generated once the proof of purchase of the equipment authorized by the plan is registered with UTE.

How to register the purchased equipment?

To register the equipment, you must enter the proof of the corresponding purchase in the company website.

Another way is by presenting the proof of purchase at any of the company’s commercial offices.

Validity of the promotion

The plan will be developed until July 31, 2022. The date of purchase of the appliance must be within the period of validity of the promotion.

Who can access?

All residential customers and customers in the commercial and services sector who have a contracted power of less than or equal to 40 kW can access this plan.

The measure has several objectives. One is that customers who have obsolete equipment that is not efficient from the point of view of electricity consumption can make a replacement. Another is that they can incorporate new uses. And thirdly, that those who have smart rates can program these appliances, optimize the use of energy and have reductions in their consumption.

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