Diputado Pedro Botello intima y pone en mora las AFP

Deputy Pedro Botello intimates and puts the AFP in arrears

Deputy Peter Bottle summoned and placed in arrears six Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) and the Superintendency of Pension Funds (Sipen)so that within a period of eight days, they return to the savers the money that they withdrew from their individual capitalization accounts, last February, alleging fluctuation of the dollar.

Through sheriff act 177-2022the legislator of the Christian Social Reformist Party (PRSC) notified the AFP and the Sipen that they must respond to the courts or proceed to place the money they took from their affiliates.

“Trial by fire for Justice. The AFPs will have to return the stolen money. Today there are eight days left before the expiration of the default period, “he said, after expressing that the amparo action in compliance will be fundamental” for the end of the AFP mafia. The process is already in court.

Botello said that the AFPs must answer for their actions in the Superior Administrative Court, in criminal matters and civil action.

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Regarding the bill that applies zero tariff to 67 food itemsBotello considered that it should be approved with two thirds of those present in the Chamber of Deputies, since it is treated, as it is established in article 112 of the Constitutionof an organic law.

sentenced unacceptable violate the Constitution.

¨Those who manage the AFPs did not sleep last night¨

Peter Bottle He assured that “those who run the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) did not sleep last night”.

These statements come after the call to National cacerolazo of this March 30, in claim to the “tumbes” that the AFP has done.

In addition, the legislator manifested himself in person in front of the Superintendency of Pensions (SIPEN).

This was announced through a publication on his Twitter account with the following message.

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