Expectation for dialogue after convulsion in the Peruvian region of Junín

After a preliminary meeting in the city of Jauja, the heads of Foreign Trade, Roberto Sánchez, and Culture, Alejandro Salas, traveled to officially install the dialogue in nearby Huancayo, the capital of Junín and the scene of the riots and looting the day before. .

They will be joined by their colleagues from Economy and Finance, Transport and Communications, Nicolás Bustamante; Energy and Mines, Agrarian Development, and Interior, Alfonso Chávarry, and it is possible that the Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, will also do so.

The disturbances, which saw attacks on the government of Junín and the municipality of Huancayo, as well as looting of supermarkets, banks and various businesses, combined the truck drivers’ strike with that of farmers and an urban protest against the wave of price hikes.

The left-wing congresswoman Silvana Robles, representative of Junín, is also participating in the talks, and tomorrow other legislators from that territory will join, such as Vladimir Cerrón, spokesman for the ruling party, Peru Libre.

The legislator said that the social leaders clarified that the protests were peaceful and the looting and other acts of violence were carried out by outsiders.

He added that the talks will not be limited to the demonstration of the carriers, who have been on strike for six days against the rise in fuel prices, but will also cover agrarian problems and the protest of the population of Huancayo against the wave of price increases. prices.

For his part, the secretary general of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, referred to the protest in Huancayo and said that the population is asking for solutions to the rise in prices, reduction of toll rates and concrete support for agriculture.

President Pedro Castillo, in turn, stated in a Twitter message that it will be difficult to resolve urgent demands without the will for dialogue and the purpose of amendment, and he promised the carriers “to seek solutions together for the benefit of all.”


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