USA and Colombia reunited: balance of the first day of the meeting

USA and Colombia reunited: balance of the first day of the meeting

at the end the first day of the agenda in Washingtonthe Minister of Foreign Affairs assured that Colombia is “consolidating the traditionally strong relations with the United States, within a new context: the war in the world, the issues that have arisen, regarding the appearance of President Petro with his leadership”, He indicated that the first day of the High-Level Dialogue between the two countries is progressing positively, while explaining that he has also held bilateral meetings of the greatest importance.

The head of the foreign ministry said that the main objective is to maintain the bipartisan dialogue in the United States and that this be in benefit of the aspirations of the Colombian people, which have to do with the total peace, migration and fight against drug trafficking. Certainly on these issues in particular (the United States), they are our best allies, he assured.

He highlighted the leadership of President Petro in the convening of regional forums on migration with the participation of Venezuela and many Western countries. He explained that in this regard there was already a meeting in Mexico where the social part was addressed and that now comes the political dialogue.

He indicated that the confidence of that country towards Colombia has been increasing, because they know exactly what they want and where we are going. “There were doubts in the past”, He expressed because according to his statements, before it was not known how to clearly define the policy. “For example, the policy of implementing the agreements was abandoned that the United States is beginning to realize was obviously a fundamental failure that led to wasted time, and naturally we are looking to make up for lost time.”

Finally, he indicated that the United States fully supports President Petro’s total peace policy. “I was highly satisfied, especially after speaking with Secretary Blinken. Absolutely clear what the mission of the United States is in the face of the aspirations of the people of Colombia.”he pointed out.

Foreign Minister Leyva Durán ended his first day of the agenda in Washington with a meeting with government representatives and the private sector of the United States on governance for sustainability.

Additionally, he met with the president of foreign affairs of the United States House of Representatives, Michael McCaul. Regarding the meeting, Leyva assured that Colombia has a firm interest in maintaining a close dialogue with the two parties of that country, to address key issues such as Total Peace, migration and the need for a change in the policy to combat the world problem of the drugs.


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