Unemployment insurance increased 13.5% in August, some 5,842 more workers

Unemployment insurance increased 13.5% in August, some 5,842 more workers


This Monday, September 19, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security presented a report on unemployment insurance, corresponding to August.

According to the study, the increase in the number of workers in unemployment insurance is concentrated in the “total unemployment insurance” modality, which increased from 35,035 to 40,692, which represents an increase of 5,657 more workers.

While regarding the “partial unemployment insurance” (which was created as a result of the health emergency, on March 13, 2020) it remains practically the same, since it increased by 186 workers.

According to the report of the Secretary of State, of the people in unemployment insurance in August, 82.7% were in “total insurance”, while 17.3% were in “partial insurance”.

40,692 people in unemployment insurance

“If we only take those who are in total unemployment insurance, since partial unemployment insurance did not exist and, in addition, they are workers who are active, the figure is still much lower than the number of workers in total unemployment insurance due to registered month from 2015 onwards (45,069 on monthly average from 2015 to February 2020, against 40,692 in August 2022)”, is compared in the report of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

On the other hand, it is indicated that the number of workers who left the unemployment insurance between July and August 2022 was “7,408, a figure similar to that registered in May of this year (7,560), but less than those of the months June (10,409) and July (11,242)”.

It is also stated that “4,013 (54.2%) workers left due to reinstatement and 3,395 (45.8%) did so due to dismissal.”

Such figures express “a trend observed in recent months that showed a parity between those who complete the dismissal insurance protection and those who return to work.”

The report released by the Ministry indicates that during the month of August “13,250 workers entered unemployment insurance, that is, 4,324 more workers than in July.”

Of these, “4,612 (34.8%) entered due to dismissal, and almost double 8,638 (65.2%) did so due to reduction or suspension.”

“This distribution is very different from what had been recorded in previous months and shows that the increase in the total number of unemployment insurance is explained by the entry of workers to the reduction or suspension modalities,” the report states.

In this sense, it is indicated that the entry to the unemployment insurance due to dismissal between the months of July and August “is 243 more workers, while the entry for the suspension and reduction modalities is 4,081, which explains 95% of the increase in workers in total unemployment insurance”.

It is also indicated that “in August, 4,625 more workers were registered in unemployment insurance under these modalities, while those who are dismissed increased by 1,217.”


The study attempts to explain why there has been an increase in the number of workers on unemployment insurance due to suspension or reduction.

Some of the facts that contribute to this explanation would be for the Ministry of Labor: “The fact that a little more than a thousand workers joined the special unemployment insurance that was approved on the occasion of the Punta Shopping fire; second, two activities with zafrale componentss determined an increase in unemployment insurance, on the one hand the citrus sector that finished its annual harvest and, on the other hand, the refrigeration activity that in that month had a specific reduction in work in several of the plants that, in total it can be estimated at around two thousand more workers; As a third factor, an increase of around 600 workers from the mutualist can be indicated. Galician House who joined the unemployment insurance and a more moderate increase in workers belonging to the tourism sector which are estimated at 600 more workers”.

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