Twitter announced that it will block "misleading ads" who deny climate change

Twitter announced that it will block "misleading ads" who deny climate change

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The social network Twitter announced that it will not allow “misleading ads” that deny the reality of climate change, Casey Junod, the company’s global sustainability executive, said on the platform’s blog, coinciding with the day that marks the Earth Day around the world.

“Misleading ads on Twitter that contradict the scientific consensus on climate change are prohibited, in line with our policy on inappropriate content,” Junod said, adding that “climate change denialism should not be monetized on Twitter, and such dishonest advertising should not undermine important discussions on the climate crisis,”

Twitter last year introduced a topical feature that helps users find conversations about climate change, and deployed “credible and authoritative” information hubs on a list of high-profile topics including the science behind climate change, it reported. the AFP agency.

“We recognize that misleading climate information can undermine efforts to protect the planet,” Junod said, adding that “now more than ever, meaningful climate action, by all, is crucial.”

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