Ayoreo protest at the doors of the TED for the recall of their assembly members and announce that they will block from Monday

Ayoreo protest at the doors of the TED for the recall of their assembly members and announce that they will block from Monday

More than thirty people from the Ayoreo people, most of them women, were installed at the doors of the Departmental Electoral Tribune (TED), from the center of the city, to protest against the revocation of the mandates of its two assembly members: Giliana Etacore Chiqueno (incumbent) and Timoteo Etacorí Chiquenoi.

The indigenous people stated this Friday that their pressure measure is indefinite, since they ask that the TED respect their democratically elected representatives. They announced that if they were not treated, all the communities that make up the Ayoreo people will initiate a blockade in Chiquitania since Monday.

“I am surprised because today, when was in session, they informed me that there was a general session to revoke my person. When I found out, I went to the Cidob, (Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Bolivia) to find out what was going on, and they did not let us in because the office was already guarded by a group of members of the UTOP (Police Operations Tactical Unit) and they grabbed me and they gasified from the front”, Assemblywoman Giliana Etacore told EL DEBER.

The woman pointed out that this TED decision comes after the pressure exerted by the Movement for Socialism (MAS) party for removing her and the assembly members from the Yuracaré, Guaraní and Guarayos peoples who supported the members of the opposition during most of the sessions of the Assembly.

“I was surprised by this decision, but I was already expecting it because we were threatened by the masistas, They want to charge us an invoice for the department of Santa Cruz. Let the people see how they manage TED, everyone already knows who is managing the members, ”she said.

Giliana said that in order to set up a recall session for her mandate sand the Ayoreo people should have been summoned for at least 15 days in advance, according to the organic statutes, which did not happen, so he announced that they will appeal this decision of the electoral body.

For his part, Zvonko Matkovic, president of the Departmental Legislative Assembly, expressed his concern about the revocation of the mandate of the two assembly members of the Ayoreo people and, like Giliana, accused the MAS of being behind this determination.

“The unfortunate thing about this is to say that is fulfilling what we had already warnedthere were threats and audios of a retaliation against indigenous peoples for not supporting the ruling party. They said that all the indigenous assembly members of the department were going to be persecuted and revoked. Today they have started with the Ayorea assemblywoman Giliana Etacore and we have already been notified with the dismissal of her and her substitute, Timoteo Etacori”, he lamented.

Matkovic said that the members of the TED did not take into account the statutes and customs how indigenous representatives are elected. In addition, he affirmed that he knows that the Ayoreas communities were not notified to carry out this recall session.

¨The Legislative Assembly is made up of four different benches, which are from MAS, We Believe, ASIP and the indigenous peoples; by trying to revoke the indigenous peoples, the MAS what wants is to have the necessary votes so that this Assembly cannot work and does not collaborate in the supervisory and management work that has to be carried out with the executive part of the Government, “he added.

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