TvAzteca journalist: "Nicaragua is a disaster" under the command of Daniel Ortega

TvAzteca journalist: “Nicaragua is a disaster” under the command of Daniel Ortega

The Mexican program Primera Línea, from Azteca Noticias, reflects that “Nicaragua is a disaster” under the command of “a crazy president who is not capable of accepting who he is.” The television medium presented this Wednesday the second part of a series of reports entitled “It Hurts to Breathe” that will tell the situation that Nicaragua is experiencing under the Ortega regime.

“Tortured, political prisoners, censorship and a president who seems to be crazy, that’s how Nicaragua is,” said the Colombian-Venezuelan journalist Andreina Andrade, who submitted Daniel Ortega in a “consulting room”, going through his history, to exhibit the contradictions between the speech and the actions of the man who has imposed lead and prison for Nicaragua. «You were the hope of a people tired of a family that had been in power for 40 years… You liked power and now you want to stay winning again and again, that’s why they shout at you in the street: Ortega and Somoza are the same thing! »Andrade said through a video of a little over two minutes.

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«You went from being a revolutionary to being a dictator. Open your eyes! People get tired, go out to protest and you respond with blows, in addition to the protesters you release your hooded men who are among the noblest (sarcasm)”, added the journalist who recommended Ortega “overcome the paranoia» that persecutes the Sandinista caudillo.

During the production of the special report entitled “It Hurts to Breathe”, Otoniel Martínez, the journalist who produced it, was detained and questioned by police officers on public roads, who forced him to erase his material from his cell phone, and he suffered the look and comments from those who watched him suspiciously. Martínez points out that in Nicaragua “a cell phone in the street is uncomfortable, the population is afraid to speak, it is not normal” and he felt sadness.

TV Azteca continues to show content that exposes the situation in Nicaragua and assures that the country “is a full-fledged dictatorship, just like Cuba and Venezuela, we are seeing another of those so-called communist paradises become a factory of suffering, poverty and repression ».

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“When Daniel Ortega came to power, he promised democracy, prosperity and freedom only to end up repressing, impoverishing and imprisoning the population, as happened with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez. The figures don’t lie, every year tens of thousands of people flee the dictatorship of (Daniel) Ortega to seek a better life abroad,” Mexican journalist and researcher Juan Pablo Delgado recently reported.

After the publication of these reports, the Mexican television station has focused a large part of its production on making visible the situation that the country is experiencing under the repression imposed by the Ortega-Murillo regime.

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